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We are the First D2C online perfume shop whose core beliefs are to design and create customized unisex perfume at most cost-effective prices. Getting on-board with the trending market, we have cut out all intermediaries & middle retailers to deliver this freshly made perfumes directly to end customers. We are proud to use the highest quality of ingredients rooted from the direct sources of perfumery raw materials to ensure our perfumes stand out with every whiff. It is an olfactive depiction of bohemian culture and our wide array of offerings is packed with elements of surprises. All our perfume notes conjure up to become a fragrance that ignites memories of joy, adventure & adrenaline gushing moments which gives you the power to soothe and excite at the same time. You can read more about our rich history and how we are able to create such magnificent perfumes by clicking below.

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Our humble beginnings are dated since 1970s which enables us in mastering the art of crafting the best layering of ingredients which will make you fall in eternal love with every whiff of perfume.



Our Paraben Free, Clean, Green, Natural & Special ingredients encompass each bottle of perfume ensuring the purity of essence in every tailor-made perfume & fragrance helping you reconnect fragments of life from different times and places.

Elixir De Parfum

Elixir De Parfum

Our Team of experts have disengaged themselves from the noise of perfume industry and created simple, yet elegant & luxurious fragrances that protrude out of any collection they possess. Our highest standards help us design only natural & high quality scents hence enabling us to create Elixir De Parfum



We have committed ourselves to make perfumes an enjoyable experience for everyone. We ensure that every fragrance and perfume made by us is with great care, love,perseverance & hard work and shall stay the same for generations.

CHÀTEAU Discovery Kit

All 7 Scents in Treasure chest!

Get hold of our discovery kit which will embark you on a journey to a world of exhilarating perfumes & incandescent fragrances.

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Product You Can Trust

Each and every Fragrance & Perfume is formulated with the finest ingredients sourced directly from the farms into our beautifully crafted bottles. We are proud to keep you and the environment at the pinnacle without any compromise. That's our promise which is solidified in the company's foundation and alinged with our vision of Perfumery.

  • Cruelty free

    No animals are endangered in making our prestigious scents so our customers can feel comforted and content when using our products knowing we are keeping the environment safe on their behalf.

  • Long Lasting

    Our comforting scent creates an elemental experience which is enduring, captivating keeping you enticed for a longer period. Our fragrance shall avoid you the hassle of whiffing your perfumes on regular intervals yet making bypassers feel its freshly sprayed on.

  • Non-Toxic

    We preserve the mother nature by blending the non-toxic recyclable materials in perfumes to produce iconic perfume notes. We also ensure to use the highest standard of recycling methods so no chemical goes back into mother nature.


    Our unparalleled years of hard works and efforts help us create one-of-a-kind aromas which engulfs the user into a mystical land of enchanted memories and a reflection of his unique authenticity

What other says about us

I've never been fortunate enough to try anything by pefumo.com, but this Chateau's cannabis perfume smell like olfactory poetry with dreamy world! Nice job.


UAE based adventurer and discoverer


Our Experts Are Always Keen on Educating Audience about Various Perfumes & Fragrance.

في ظل أجواء فصل الصيف الحارة والجافة يبحث الجميع عن اختيار عطر صيفي مميز ومناسب لهذه الأجواء، فالعطر من المكملات الأساسية لجاذبية الرجل، كما ان كل رجل يبحث عن العطر ال...

تعرفي سيدتي على أكثر العطور مبيعا حول العالم، فالعطر هو الوسيلة التي تستخدمها الكثير من النساء من اجل زيادة الجاذبية والاناقة والانوثة. كما ان العطور بشكل عام هي من أك...

ما هي العطور وما هي مكوناتها الاساسية، ومما يتم صنعها بشكل عام؟ إن العطور بمختلف أنواعها عبارة عن سائل له رائحة مميزة، وهو مصنوع من مزيج من المواد الطبيعية والصناعية، ...