Exploring Perfumes—The World of Fragrances

Exploring Perfumes—The World of Fragrances


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The word “Perfume” might trigger the essence of fancy lifestyle for many people, then and now. But let me inform you about the fact that archaeologists have now been working on the origin and evolution of perfumes, the different genres of fragrances as well as the changing preferences of people when it comes to selecting the right aroma. From researches conducted about the historic ages, archaeologists have surprisingly gathered many shreds of evidence that speak of the presence and usage of perfumes by people living in that time. But something very different from today’s world was the primary consideration of perfume buyers or possessors. And that’s nothing but the intricacies showcased in the vessels containing perfumes.

Now just like every other entity on Mother Earth, perfumes also have certain classifications, certain families. Knowing them would be easier, once we get into the origin of perfumes. Just like many other things of Egypt, odours also didn’t get rid of their association with Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. With its roots embedded in the land of pyramids, perfumes had drawn influences from the Roman as well as Greek civilisations. Iran and China also embraced this world of fragrance, while the Chinese stuck to the use of incense sticks for aroma rather than using perfumes.

One of the most popular families of perfumes is none but the Musk family. It is the naturally derived essence from the perineal glands of the Tibetan musk deer. This animal is now considered to be an endangered one. The Musk group of perfumes generally shelter the franchises connected to perfume for men. Their strength of smell and intensity blend well with the long-lasting effect that every man seeks in his choice of odour. It is that fragrance to which women get lured enough and the beautiful interplay of love and affection gets its initial step, and that is nothing but attraction.

Floral—the largest group of fragrances comprises a variety of aromatic sources, Ranging from gourmand compositions to fruity flower nuances; the floral family has a lot to give when the scent is concerned. Presence of floral aldehyde in the perfumes belonging to this family makes the perfumes grab the throne of serenity and freshness. While most of the perfumes from the floral family are made as a perfume for women, floral is that unique family that provides a lot of shared fragrances, celebrating universality.

While getting two classifications based on the composition and origin, let us now delve into regional aroma, a favourite subject for historians. Going to the much interesting area of middle-east, let us get into the historical memory lane of Oud. It is also known as “black gold”. It has a pungent smell, which triggers the sensory olfactory nerves in the beginning but within a second fill, your soul with a divine aroma. Its initial raw derivatives are drawn from expensive woods across the world.

France never lags behind when it comes to the business of aroma. Ranging from Nina Ricci to Guerlain Idylle, French perfumes have a lot to present. The dignity and tantalizing effect radiated from a slight spray of French aroma speak of good taste and classy choices made by their users.

Nowadays, specifications are given in such a way that people with little knowledge of the families and ingredients of perfumes can grab them sitting at home from different perfume sale online stores.

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