How was Perfume Invented-

How was Perfume Invented-


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A long way in back in the history perfume has its origin and had been used by multiple ancient cultures, most notably in the ancient Egyptian culture. Then, simultaneously in ancient Roman and Greek, Chinese, Iranian civilizations and throughout the ancient world perfumes gained its popularity among wealthy royal families. In modern days we buy only alcohol-based synthetic chemicals with unreal fragrance in the fancy attractive containers, whereas in those ancient day perfumes considered as the part of religious rituals and were made from the extract of several plants, flowers, woods or animal products and enriched with natural oil. The greatest Elizabethan dramatist Shakespeare has mentioned Arabic perfume in his legendary play Macbeth, where Lady Macbeth with a wooing soul pronounces “all the perfumes of Arabia, will not sweeten this little hand”.

The art of using perfume is a characteristic of Muslim culture and among the Middle Eastern perfumery, Saudiarabia perfumes have been alluring the world for a long time with their distinctive fragrances and are now have become the symbol of the ancient heritage as well as fine luxury. Perfumes are still a mark of royalty and wealth, consistently holding their market in the middle-eastern region as this place is increasingly spending more on skincare, make-up and fragrances, which attracts European and American beauty brands to expand their reach. So that, the Perfume online shop, perfume sale online and fragrance shop are increasing day by day. Well, do you know the secret behind such alluring aromas? Let me tell you all this comes from our mother nature and all of today’s beauty brands accumulate natural products to prepare such unearthly beautiful smells. Here, know how it comes:

  • Rose: Rose is the most beloved ingredient for perfume. In Arabic poetry, it symbolizes perfection and divinity. Perfumers’ does surprising and exciting experiments with rose, pairing with the incense and musk, with smoky spices and sandalwood. According to the gender codes of European perfumery, flowers are for women. Hence, rose is the ideal ingredient to prepare Best perfume for women.
  • Woods: The most expensive element of Middle Eastern perfumery is oud attar also named as ‘liquid gold’, or agarwood. The two popular types of ingredients used to prepare Arabic perfumes are - Oud and Bukhoor. Arabian Oud is a naturally fragranced wood. White oud perfume can also be used to scent clothes, by holding them over a brazier full of incense. Al Arabiya Oud is rich and powerful, Oud's sweet, woody scent is instantly recognizable. Woods are considered as the perfect ingredient for preparing the Best perfume for men.
  • Amber: this ingredient is especially admired for its charm and grace; it has been given various poetic names like Tears of the sun, Tiger's soul, hardened honey, petrified light etc. According to scientists, Amber is fossilized tree resin that formed simultaneously through millions of years.
  • Musk: It is a strong-smelling brownish substance secreted by the male of the musk deer of the genus Moschus. The original deer musk has been used and prized for thousands of years as one of the most expensive raw materials in the rich world of perfumery. Now, using deer musk has been threatened by IUCN and only white musk, created in chemical laboratories can be used in perfumes.

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