Natural & Synthetic Perfume/Fragrances

Natural & Synthetic Perfume/Fragrances


Muhammad Chaudhry

Parfum in French is a compound containing aromatic elements, solvents and fragrance oils that can be applied on human body, animals to bring about its unique scent. Ancient past depicts that the early man also used perfumery during the civilization ages. Common perfume mixtures began in the 19th century where man was able to have aroma oils for himself. Perfume expresses our personal being, how we want to associate with others, how we feel and reminds us of our past memories.

Perfume origins

It is estimated that Best perfumes have been there since time immemorial. Its origin is associated to the early Egyptians who were moved by scents in religious functions & prayers. They were known in burning essence, resins and use of scented oils. There are several forms of Oud aroma- synthetic to natural forms that were also used by Egyptians, just to mention it’s combining properties of the same. All these events had to be marked frequently.

Scents were considered holy in functions and can never be lost with time as it is secular in the modern century. In Exodus, we have perfumery sacred testimonies in Jewish religious practices. The Bible also depicts the importance of perfumery essences, myrrh and its gesture. With time, the scents were considered sacred and now they are also worn as a daily hygiene aspect. The Egyptians were ahead with intense aromas, resins and spices. Most countries such as the Middle East, Distant Europe countries, Indians and Arabia were already importing from Egyptians. The trade included incense, fine woods, varied scents, myrrh and resins.

Initially, the oils were burned for protection of the gods. Additionally scents were used as a communication tool or prayers to the dead, as one way of purification of their bodies and also in the ceremonial event. The range includes fragrances that would have long term odor plus multiple blends of aromas, notes that would be made different as time goes by. Manufacturers of Al Arabiya Oud would use synthetic and natural ingredients to make a large proportion of products for both men and women. Benefits of synthetic aromas:

  • Commercially available in low costs
  • Had many variations and the ingredients were consistent in nature
  • Involved mass production of aroma perfumes for large populations

Natural aromas were mostly used in ancient times—however due to scarcity and associated costs related to natural scents, people are able to find the same synthetic taste, top fragrance oils, online colognes that are exclusive and affordable. This is not the only options as natural and synthetic compounds can also be mixed and in the developing of the new perfume notes, there are different options for a common perfumer. Today synthetic perfumes are used for cosmetics, toiletries in mass production. The use of chemical processes has enhanced variety of perfumes that have enabled used of perfume not only for humans but also for other household good that we purchase for daily chores. Major perfumes can be obtained also in online stores.

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