Perfumes & Fragrances Fascinating Facts

Perfumes & Fragrances Fascinating Facts


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Do you think about owning different perfumes formulations?

The diverse range of perfume online all over the world can be said to be fine and luxurious. Yes. They need to be narrowed down when it comes to options which you prefer. We have original straight type of fragrances that come in various formulations: essences, eau de cologne, eau de parfume and also eau de toilette.  These perfume range are available online or in local stores. The difference between them is the concentration of available perfume oils during their manufacture. Any perfume with more essential oil concentration last longer onto the skin when applied. Hence companies create testers for use during purchase.

Perfume: Is termed as the strong blend of natural or synthetic fragrances. It is a formulation that can contain 15 percent to 30 percent concentration of the original essences. While you apply a small amount of it, you get the long lasting smell depending on your type of skin. We have three types of skin namely oily, natural or dry skin. Most people would complain that the scent would evaporate after a few hours while others would hold onto the perfume for long hours. Weaker concentrations of 8 percent to 15 percent would last 6 hours and still leave the base notes for 5 hours or so. Most of these perfumes are low priced too.

EDT: Eau de toilettes are formulations that are readily available in our local stores near us. They are for common man or woman as they are reasonably priced and available. They have 4-8 percent concentration that is quite different from other types of perfumes. Their essence would last 5-6 hours when applied onto the skin.

EDC: Eau de cologne is also referred to as cologne and is the weaker formulation in perfume category. It most consists of up to 5 percent of the original essence and only lasts 2-3 hours. The essence rapidly vanishes but leaves the base notes.

Sample Tester perfumes are manufactured by the company that sells perfumes. They are type of perfumes that are made not for sale in stores but for people to smell as a trial for their purchase. It serves as a promotional item that would be found in any perfume local shop tagged “not for sale” or “tester” the subjective product is important since it forms the base in which the customer can make a purchase decision. Most times it is packaged in white box that is labeled “tester” to distinguish it as a different bottle not to be sold. Nowadays it has become a common trait for people to request for the testers while they shop for perfumes.

What is the best way to make original perfume essences last long?

We have the term “fragrance layer” that basically show us how to go about building such layers of a similar scent while applying onto the skin. This can be done with fragrance, soaps, bathing gels, lotions and creams as well as powders. Each and every one of us can do this in some cases to make the perfume more effective to last up to 24 hours.

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