Rules of Fragrance-How and What to Wear

Rules of Fragrance-How and What to Wear


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Well, we all have that day when we had to make our first purchase of a fragrance. I remember purchasing three bottles of love perfume: jasmine soft, baby perfume and lemon fresh. I would love all of them in different types and this meant that I would change every now and then and have my signature blend. Imaginable! This is just for starters like me who have no idea about perfume.

I have now been using more of Al Arabiya Oud, with original fragrance. With the new wear, I can find unique scent for each day and experience a thrill. The good news is that there is a scent for just everyone who likes original perfume wear that can be good for both day and night experience. There is always one thing why you like wearing the perfume you have as no one would walk around with offensive cologne on. Here are the rules in wearing new fragrance:

  • Buy what you love

Knowing what you love, your personality and having the preferred fragrance is the first step. Your experiences with clean and fresh perfumes in the past would also lead you to the better option. Are you the person who loves floral or spicy beautiful perfumes? Do you have the perfume you wear just because you had it as a gift? Or are you doing so to impress a friend?

  • Sample first then commit after dating

Fragrances work best with body chemistry. What your friend wears everyday may not be the perfume for you even if you try it out, leave alone what your sister or mom has on. Our bodies have a particular chemistry that only works well for us and not for another. Sampling of perfume online shop is what will lead to your perfect choice, and you will only wear what makes you feel great.

  • Don’t try to spray perfume in your lace wig

This is a rule that would surprise many. We have people who have explained the fact that the lace wigs hold the fragrance oils for long. Well, majority of perfume for women are alcohol based and as such it would dry up when applied onto the hair. Nonetheless, hair is considered a great carrier of scents compared to the skin since the skin heat burns essences long after you wear it. If you need to have a long scented hair, use the hairspray or have hair oil version onto your hand and rub it through the hair.

  • Hold variety of fragrances
If all you love is scent, then it is possible to have a shelve full of signature perfumes. This is the exciting way of expressing yourself; showcase your daily moods differently. The lighter fragrances are best applied during the day, while the darker fragrances are best applied during the night. Your personal perfume online is one that forms your lasting memory while you enjoy the results.

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