Tips in shopping for best perfumes online

Tips in shopping for best perfumes online


Muhammad Chaudhry

There are step to step guide on how to go about shopping for perfume online to get the delight perfume of choice

  • Take your time

They say that best things take time and so does perfume. Buying perfumes online is something to enjoy and fancy about. It is not about going rushing things up. This is one thing that needs your time so that you can go about in the department store which is filled with perfumes. Have an open mind and carry a friend with you perhaps two heads are better than one. How about getting your friend a fragrance as well? Do not dismiss the packaging style or be judgmental about the store. Your nose is your tool for the new shopping idea, not the eyes!!

  • Have a budget line for your new perfume purchase

If you are thinking of having a new fragrance you need to have a budget for this. For instance $50- $3000. Perfumes come with different price tags! Therefore as you step foot to the perfume store you need to have a personal budget. Well, make a decision to whether you want cologne for everyday use or it would only be used for special occasions. Are you going for celebrity perfume brands or you do have a brand in mind. What is the season perfume brand are you looking for? We have perfumes that are best for winter seasons while others work best in summer.

  • Knowledge on variety of concentrations for available perfumes

We have distinct perfumes that are categorized according to their concentrations in perfume oils for a bottle. Most expensive perfumes are highly concentrated. “Parfum” also known as perfume must be used in considerable amounts and must last long. A perfume with concentration levels of 22% of fragrance oils is recommended. Eau de parfum have concentration range level of 8%-15% which are mostly preferred for females. The less costly type of perfume of the Eau de Toilette of the cologne that has less percentage of concentration 3% to 9%, and if you have this spray on, people would only have a hint of it effects but would not have any effect to their nasal senses. Eau de toilette is best for people who are affected by perfume effects and would be better to go for lower concentrated types.

  • Have your nose work for you

When you get to the perfume store, you can let the nose start working. It is time to spray the fragrances for tester perfumes. You can proceed to do so for each perfume and apply onto your palm. This is good for smelling, have to dry the perfume as you smell it since fragrances are known to change with time. It is possible to do this successfully by smelling the base notes and not the first initial notes. This is quite technical as notes and scents are apparently what make a perfume. A good perfume is one that can be worn the entire day.

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