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Types of Fragrance and Perfumes- Pefumo.com


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The Fashion Guide on How to Talk About Perfumes

The floral, fruity & minty fragrance is those which could easily be identified. But are these the only few present in the perfume counter?  The fragrance shop can be a bit chaotic, as you are unaware of the variation of perfumes available. What is the difference between an Arabian oud, Eau de Parfum, and a wood or a spicy one?

Smelling the perfume and identifying its type is an art. There are common similarities between few aromas but still, are different with respect to their fragrance. Let’s find out how you can talk about perfumes & their fragrances.


Walk around the woods and enjoy a campfire, reminisce the fragrance of the woody perfumes. The wood smell is probably similar to the smell of an oud. However, both are kind of the same origin. Woody gives you a description of the perfume and oud describes a note.

Wood can be anything derives from trees oak. A cedar, amber or wet asphalt can probably help you enjoy the woody scent. Hikers, travelers and bag packers most favorite fragrance belongs in this category.


The most diversified kind of fragrance belongs in this category. You either love the fragrance and just can’t tolerate and stand them. The smell is sweet and energetic; however, the powdery flavor may create some sort of irritation to few.

Gourmand actually sounds yummy and the cologne makes you want to eat it. The sugary and sweet effect could actually crave your taste buds. Orange and tangy element is popular, also vanilla, and chocolate & caramel are most adored ones.


It is fragrances that tickle your nose and make your body feel the sensual and spicy vibes. Pepper, cardamom, Bergamot, and other deep and flirtatious fragrances come under this category. Spicy perfumes give a touchup to the personality, to be frank, smart & outgoing.

Spicy perfumes are the origin of all the spices that give a unique and mysterious effect on your overall appearance. Usually, on a romantic date or a sensual time with your dear one, these perfumes could make magic into the moment.


If you are a fragrant love, you are certain to love the musky perfume way too much. Reason being! Its smell; it gives a sweet & light floral appearance with a bit sugary odor. The origin of the term musk comes from the animal content, but now the musk is used in Modern world as the scent.

For instant attraction and a spark in your personality, musk perfumes can do its job quite well. Identifying musk fragrance from that of the other type is simply possible. The lightweight animalistic aroma actually represents the existence of musk in it.


Oud being addressed as one of the most popular perfumes in the Middle East gives warmth. The variety of oud available gives reasons to always prefer this category.

The tree skin is been dig in deeply to get that little wet wood. From that, the oud is been originated. The wet wood is dried up for some month and the smoky smell that actually comes out of it, help in preparing the most amazing oud smell. There is animal Oud Attar available as well which comes from mostly camel.

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