Western perfumery

Western perfumery


Muhammad Chaudhry

Perfumery is a huge art of experience that has evolves thanks to technological know how and chemical scientific relations that have seen new distillation processes. The essences and water filled with aromas were mostly used in healing process and were also a good perfume gift sets for the whole body and the general environs. This could also be applied on any other body parts. With the new technological inventions we had new varieties of ginger, cocoa butter, Cinnamon and vanilla. These were termed as precious goods and great addition for the Mediterranean varieties, which were commonly ingredients for Italy and Spanish perfume industry, who moved to pick up from France aspects as well.

The Italian perfumers relocated to France and took with them their colognes and fragrances. While in Venice, the perfume trade was at its peak with inventions of best aromas which made Italy widely known for new range of destination fragrances.

In the 1600 a peddler came up with Feminis invention, which was water that could be taken by ailing people known as “Aqua Mirabilis” People began to believe that taking of the water would cure any form of disease. Afterwards the peddler move to fragrance business where he had the best buy perfume online in different ingredients. He named them Cologne water. The products were exported to France and Western Europe widely referred as Eau de cologne. The perfumes were widely known all over the world and they had demand that they were literally exported in barter trade. In the 1700 mass production of perfume in France that involves leather garments such as gloves, footwear and belts became a booming business tool. The known essences of the time included jasmine, rose pink and tuberous.

There came the “smell” perception that involved natural essences. This improved the hygiene for people who wore perfume oils. This led to the creation of smaller rooms that were referred to as bathroom and toilette where people sought new ways of disposing human waste. The taste for perfume fragrances was also available in floral varieties for the rooms for instance the France Grasse. Individuals now wanted seductive perfumes that were packaged in chic glass perfume bottles, pomander as well as Pourri pots. The candy boxes also were great packages for smaller perfumes.

Invention of solid bathing soaps: Solid soaps came about after the invention of soda. This brought about manufacturing of quality perfume soaps and other products. It was also possible to add oils and colors through chemical process. Early soap was found in Mediterranean ports of Marseille, Savona, Venice and Genoa. The Italian fragrances in the 1800 that were in barberries confinements transformed into larger stores like the Manara, Bertelli and paglieri Alessandria. With the French revolution that took place in the 19th century, there were new perfume luxury inventions and Paris was now considered an international state capital. With liberal trade practices, there was increase of perfumery which was also available for the ordinary man. The French emperors also used perfumes and advocated use and trade of the same.

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