What perfume Should i Buy? Fragrance Diaries

What perfume Should i Buy? Fragrance Diaries


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You have to round the clock 4000 years back on the ground of Mesopotamia (the today’s Iraq) to pinpoint the first traces of beautiful perfume. Quickly it made its way to ancient Egypt, then, simultaneously among Arabs, Persians, Iranians and the ancient Chinese. After that use of scents spread throughout the ancient world.

In ancient days the source of scents was mainly plant-based, ranging from flowers to resins and woods and used for sun protection as well as for their fragrance. In Mesopotamia and Babylonia or in ancient Egypt perfumes included cedar, myrrh, frankincense, and cypress. In the ancient days, natural fragrance oils were used as the "carriers" or fluids or medium to bear the strong scent, whereas, now alcohol is usually used as a carrier.

Perfume is a work of art which enchants every human being like any other form of art. In ancient days perfumes were the symbol of royalty, wealth and worship. Today it has become an integral part of cosmetics. In ancient Greece, medical thinkers have invented the procedure of treatment using the aroma or perfume, this method is today’s an important medical therapy, known as aromatherapy.

In middle-east perfume has still a rich market; customers here spend a lot in cosmetics and perfumes. In Islamic culture perfume never actually lost its popularity, till now the Middle Eastern beauty market remains vibrant and the value of perfume increases accordingly. For which Fragrance shop, Perfume stores, Perfume sale online is increasing every day. So, do you know, what is the secret behind the high demand of Saudiarabia perfume because they still use the natural base of traditional Arabic perfumes which are rose, amber, resin, musk and Oud?

Well, let’s talk about these main ingredients world leading perfume brands to use for preparing Best perfume:

  1. Oud:

It has its origin in South East Asia, which is mainly a naturally fragranced wood. Today, India and Cambodia are particularly well known for growing oud and famously known as Indian oud or oud attar. This is a main and expensive ingredient to prepare the world’s Best perfume for men. Arabian oud, Al Arabiya oud, Arabian oud Jeddah incense and various ingredients associated with Middle Eastern perfumery.

  1. Musk:

It is a strong-smelling brownish substance, animal-derived scent secreted by the male musk deer of the genus Moschus which is the most precious authentic base note of the ancient scents of the world, as they still are today. Now, using deer musk has been threatened by IUCN and only white synthetic musk, created in chemical laboratories can be used in perfumes.


  1. Rose:

In Arabic poetry, it symbolises perfection and divinity. The common fragrance for preparing the Best perfume for women is Dhan al-Ward or rose flower oil. In the Middle-East the finest kinds of roses are found in the Valley of Taif in Saudi Arabia which today’s name is Damascena Rose. Fragrance experts do surprising, complex and rich experiments with rose, pairing with the incense and musk, with smoky spices and sandalwood.

  1. Resin:

Frankincense, an aromatic resin, is the distinctive element in making all Middle Eastern perfumery. It grows on small trees and shrubs mainly found in Salalah, Oman of Asia and Somalia of Africa and also in some other places of Middle East. Long ago in ancient Arabia, Frankincense was traded as one of the world’s precious item.

So, among these which is your favourite fragrance? For those who haven’t discovered it yet, hopefully, the article will help you to.

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