Where to Apply Perfumes ?

Where to Apply Perfumes ?


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We want to smell good all the time, who would not want to? Fragrance sets are one of the most quintessential things that are probably used daily. It's not something we store and forget to use. It has become an integral part of our basic life, without which it is intolerable to leave home.

Unfortunately, if you store your parfum in your bathroom or maybe on a shelf, you should not expect your perfume to smell longer. This way of you storing it absolutely in the most incorrect way, if you owe a solid expensive perfume, you will want to use it to the maximum, wouldn’t you?

You do not have to blame your perfume brands for providing a mediocre quality result because it's also a matter of style. How are you wearing and storing? Ask yourself this question, because it values a lot. This is one of the main factors that make your perfume last longer. We will discuss some tips and best practices to take advantage of your perfume - both to wear it and to make it safe in your home.

How to Apply Perfumes?

Here is all you get to know about How to apply perfumes that help you smell fresh all day.

  • Applying perfume isn’t some rocket science, it is simple, grab the bottle, dab it, and squeeze the top.
  • However, this isn’t enough, you do not have to rub your wrist or crush the cloth with your wrist post spraying it.
  • While you do this, your intent to spread the perfume overall on your body. But this just results in decreasing the scent concentration and reduces the capacity of the fragrance to hold on for a longer time.
  • If you have a habit of spraying perfume in the air and walking around, this may somehow manage to give you results, but you are indirectly wasting your perfume. Especially if it’s a branded perfume from Arabic perfume Rasasi or Ajmal you would not want to waste your bucks like that, would you?
  • Moreover, what we do is, before heading out from our home; it is the time when we decide to sprinkle some fragrance. It is assumed that last moment sprinkling would let the perfume stay longer; sadly this is not the reality.
  • Spraying perfume before you wear your clothes post-shower is the perfect most suitable time. All the open pores are ready to grasp in the fragrance. This pores once closed will intake all the, leading it to last for a long time.

Perfuming the Hair

During your day, you want people around you to look at you with a smile, because of the smell you carry. This is possible if you like to mix your hair with the fragrance. Indeed, a great way to leave a sweet smell on you.

It may sound a little weird of applying scents on your hair, who does it? But those who do it know it works! Perhaps, wearing top perfumes or spraying it on your hair does require you to give importance to a certain time factor.

Applying perfume post the shower is the only time you need to sprinkle the scent on your hair, there are extremely fewer chances of hair damage, it doesn’t affect your hair growth or quality. But if you do it anytime it can give severe impact to the quality of your hair.

Since scent contains liquor and can be drying to your strands, apply little but also from a distance is a great way. Post the shower and from 8 inches away will do.

Hacks To Make Your Cologne Last:

  1. Layering The Fragrance:

A layer of fragrance adding up is a plus point always. Buy beautiful perfume along with their moisturizers or cream, this is surely going to be useful for you. If you are applying a French perfume that smells like rose, make sure you apply body lotion, cream or anything that has a similar balance of fragrance; this layering boosts the fragrance power keeping it work for a long time.

  1. Petroleum Jelly

Before you begin to start your touch up, make sure you have applied lotion on your skin almost everywhere. This does make a great impact if you focus on lasting the fragrance. Apply the jelly on your skin and then apply perfume on the top of it. The perfumes particles will sink in the pores making it last longer.

  1. Spot The Pulse Point

Fragrance reacts to heat, so if you apply it on the body part that is most likely to heat up throughout the day, it does make some sort of sense. Pulse point is the best possible spot, as-an-when your body fluctuates through temperature, your perfume will develop and evolve as well. Pulse points include the nape of your neck, elbows, your wrists, and back of the knees.

  1. Spray Perfume On Cotton Balls And Carry It With You For Touch Ups

Once you are sure that you have applied the perfume well, you are all set to head out and start your morning, the next step is planning. There are small pocket sprays that you can carry in your bag, but the chances of the bottle to break or leak can be one thing to worry. Thus you can ensure that there are cotton balls dipped in the perfume, carry in a plastic bag and apply it as and when needed.

  1. Line Your Drawers With Aroma that subtle with your clothing

On the off chance that you wear a similar scent each day you can get your apparel to smell like it almost every day. No matter how much time you wash the cloth, the smell will remain constant on your cloth making it blend into the cloth material, resulting in staying for a long time.  Simply line your drawers with tissue paper that has been spritzed a couple of times with your mark aroma. The tissue paper will retain the aroma and saturate your garments with the fragrance while you store it.

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