Why is Musk Fragrance important Perfume Oil? - Pefumo.com

Why is Musk Fragrance important Perfume Oil? - Pefumo.com


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We have usually heard people saying, “Oh such musky smell”. It’s because we’ve created a perception concerning the smell in the mind of something that's truly not musk. Musk Parfum smells very opposite to what we predict. Without the key formula, the smell of it stays incomplete.


Most of us assume Musk to represent, strong, communicative and vivid fragrance. This scent is compared to own a high concentration, notes for instance leathers. However actually, this can be just the myth and the smell is precisely the contrary!

The scent if gets a color would be white, that offers warmth, subtle effect and somewhat similar to the smell of the baby skin.  If you smell it, you most likely desire you smell something sweet, & light-weight.

While you apply it, it causes you to feel fresh, full and energized and stays with you like your best friend all day long.

About Musk

It has an exquisite animalistic approach towards creating a note. The staple of musk is perhaps found in nearly several cologne compositions. The distinctive property transmissible defines the fragrance to urge a delicate, sensual and intensely warmth appearance and fragrance. The essential aroma present in it is extremely strong in holding the long composition and keeping it as a real fragrance.

The versatility of musk balances the fragrance odor, with being lightweight, extremely sensual, and warm and fixes the endurance too.


It is said that the original musk came from a secretion gland from a particular deer species.  This secretion was in all probability to attract the opposite mate. The odor of the secretion was mesmerizing and extremely engaging that really gave result to using it in perfumery business throughout ancient times. However, it took approx 130 to 140 deer to provide one kilo of fragrance ingredient.

The Reality:

The original deer musk has been used for perfumery and was priced for several years as the most precious staple. These stunning animals are still found in some a part of the globe like India, Pakistan, China & even Mongolia. But, the musk populations may well is in control and out of danger from getting extinct, due to the black-market price for the musk for their glands.

Of course, it’s completely not in our management to grasp who the idea behind this very weird ingredient was. But all the more and surprisingly we are too appreciative for this fragrance to become a section of our everyday life now.

Other Use:

Musk perfumes are completely the simplest fragrance if you need lasting results. However, the musk fragrance oil if you have ever heard before is natural ones that offer you a particularly superb fragrance. It’s also said that the oil is dropped on a handkerchief it would smell 30 to 40 years likewise just the same. Though it may be an exaggeration sentence, it is probably portraying the impact of the strong and lasting composition.

The natural ingredient is the real musk; but, there are massive brands that have figure out the alternative of this natural smell. As they're introducing new musk perfumes in the market as an alternative that are comparatively priced low. It'll have a touch different and less impact as compared to the original musk.              

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