About us

Who are we?

In the world of entwined and mystified array of perfumes and fragrance, emerges Pefumo.com.  A leading online perfume shop whose core beliefs are to design and create customized best perfume for men and perfume for women.  We proudly use the highest quality of ingredients rooted from the source of perfume industry. Pefumo.com has battled among the best perfume industry players and proved that its fragrance is much more long-lasting than any available within its industry. Pefumo.com has been able to conquer the hearts, minds and souls of many perfume buyers by layering its ingredients and making it the best perfume for women & best perfume for men. Our business model has incorporated quick delivery to doorsteps without being hassled to shop around the globe in search for the best scent. Pefumo.com understand the importance of how perfume and fragrance has been embodied in our daily lives as it not just about a symbol of status, but a strong scent which re-ignites and takes us to an enchanted land of memories where the good times are treasured. While bearing in mind that perfumes gift sets are the perfect for any occasion or happy times, we are able to dedicate our team to work around the clock by ensuring to use the top-notch fragrance oils and perfume oils to make it a perfect gift for your loved ones. While the industry has hugely concentrated towards ladies’ perfumes, we have also kept the same standards and demands for men fragrance as well. You can buy our perfume online only at Pefumo.com as we strongly believe perfumes on shelves are lost in transition while we focus on our story which will inspire the perfumes lovers around the world to buy our luxurious & best perfumes sets within a few clicks within the comfort of homes.