Where does Pefumo.com Ship Currently?

Anywhere and Everywhere. We have not restricted ourselves into any region or territory and warmly welcome business from every nook and corner. Our integrated and digitalized shipping enables us to reach distances and ensure everyone enjoys our special tailor made in UAE perfumes. Since perfume is considered as hazardous and DG product, there might be limitations in some countries so do get in touch before ordering and we will indicate if we can ship. As long you can see the shipping rates next to the products, your good to go.

What are your shipping options?

Currently we work on three shipping models as below: -

Standard Shipping: - 1-2 Business working days (Free shipping in UAE only and other regions are paid)

Same Day Shipping: - 35 AED shall apply if you wish to receive shipping the same day as ordered

Scheduled Shipping: - We can customize and deliver your shipment on a specific day for an occasion like birthday, anniversary, festivals and so on. However, if you order now and want delivery on a specific day, there will be a 45 AED charge applied and we will ensure the shipment is delivered on the exact date and time as requested. So, leave the notes on the checkout page and your wish will be our command.

When is the shipping done and How can I see the shipping rates?

Using our cutting edge delivery system, we process your shipment as soon as the order is placed. You will be notified via email and SMS and also be updated on the tracking. All shipping rates are calculated automatically from the region you access our website besides the product so you will get an estimate. You can also request special shipping rates if you wish from us or use the shipping calculations below the product page if you wish to send it to a specific location.

Is there any other alternate other than receiving with courier?

YES & YES. You can now schedule a customized pickup service nearby your location and we will deliver it to the nearest location chosen which are available. Upon clicking on pick-up, various options will be displayed on maps which could be a supermarket, laundry, or even nearest petrol station. Once our product is dropped off, you can collect from there anytime you wish without having to wait for courier or being bothered with calls. Once your order is dropped to the nearest location, you will be notified and can be collected within 4 business days as per the physical store’s timings.

What if I entered the wrong shipping details on checkout?

Not a worry in the world. Just drop us an email on info@pefumo.com and we will edit the details and update you at our earliest.  We will keep you updated on tracking number as well. We recommend you sign up and create an account to update your account details and information on regular basis.




Where can I learn more and are these perfumes allergic?

All the information about our product is clearly mentioned in every product page. We advise you to get in touch before ordering if you have any specific skin allergy but our products have been tested for normal use while in production and as a finished perfume. Though we have tested our products already to ensure they are safe and indulged with green ingredients which is why we have received positive feedback so far from our clients, you can still use the discovery kit to test them out individually.

What if I find something wrong with the product after receiving it?

Not a worry in the world. If you receive any of our product which could be damaged, cracked or leaking, write to us on marketing@pefumo.com and we will remedy the situation at its earliest. We will ensure that you will be replaced with a new bottle or package before the dawn.

Where can I find your products on a beauty store or shelves?

Unfortunately we are selling through our online store only preserving the true values of D2C online perfume store. Currently you can order and re-order only through our website. If we do get budged by any big brand or store, we will keep you updated at utmost priority.

Will I receive the same product as on Website?

Definitely champ. All products delivered to you will be as advertised except the 100% exact color as advertised or any image with a special effect. Due to color resolution changes of various screens, colors of the bottle may vary if seen on mobile or desktop. But overall, the colors, texture of sizes promoted will be exactly 95% as seen on our website.

What sizes are available?

Currently we have 10 ML discovery Kit, 30 ML and 100 ML perfume bottles. All these products are proudly Made in the UAE.

Do you have any subscription model where I can receive perfumes on monthly basis?

As of now, no we don’t have any such model but we are working closely with our team to introduce one soon. Do leave your details on the website and you will be the first one to be informed when we launch it.

Do you offer free samples?

We offer our special discovery kit only which comprises of 10 ML for every scents. This is priced very nominally so you can take all our scents on a test drive before actually committing to a full bottle. Other than this, we do not offer any free samples or testers yet unless there is a special promotion on going. You can also layer the perfumes as you wish from this discovery kit to feel different scents creating your own scent mix.

How Long does your Scent last and Does it go Bad?

Our products have undergone extensive testing and sampling and based on actual results, they tend to last around 2 days if applied on fabrics. We recommend to store your perfumes in a dry and cold place for its effect to be much more lasting then usual. Do not place the products under direct light, glovebox of cars of somewhere directly exposed to heat and humid. Perfumes are after all chemicals and they all react to sunlight or heat making it lose its tenacity and strength as they oxidize.


Can I purchase a Gift Card for someone special?

Yes, you can. We will be updating the feature on our website where you can send a E-GIFT card to someone special directly from our website. Let your loved ones shop directly from our online perfume store and enjoy the exhilarating experience of perfumes by just entering the codes and buy it through our seamless experience of online shopping. You can send us an email for now requesting a customized gift card and we shall send it over to you by the email.

Can I Gift someone directly from pefumo.com?

YES and its an unbelievable feature we have added like none seen before.  You can now pay from your end, fill out the recipient details and checkout. The receiver of the gift will get an email that there is a gift arriving to them soon with a special customized email which will surprise them and then receive the product following it. It’s a nice little surprise and something you will definitely thank us for.


We have made our products with Great love and Care but no one is a 100% perfect. If you do wish to return or exchange, feel free to browse through our refund policy and exchanges on Terms of Use. All refund and exchanges claims must be submitted within 48 hours of receiving the product. If there is any special request for refund or exchange, do write to us on marketing@pefumo.com and we shall get in touch.


You can read more details on the Method of Payment page on which cards we accept, payment charges, T&Cs and so on. Your card will be charged immediately once details are entered and checkout by an affiliate third party payment gateway provider. Any cancellations after the order has been placed will not be adjusted and will be subjected to approval by special request. Do write us an email or call so we can see what is the best solution to remedy the situation and still keep you smiling. Incase your card is rejected, please check with the issuing bank for more details.   

You will be notified once the refund request is processed successfully at our end but the timeframe of getting the money back on the issuing card will be dependent on your bank. Do check with your local bank and we will be here to assist in any manner possible.


Where can I apply my special discounts?

Whilst checking out or adding to the cart, you can easily enter the discount codes received while signing up or if any special offer is redeemed through our website. All discounts will be applied on checkout before final payment.

Can often Can I use the discount?

You will be restricted to one discount per purchase only. If you do join our loyalty program before purchasing, you will be collecting points which can be enchased against your purchases once you become a regular buyer. Our loyalty program is easy to use and everything can be handled from it directly once you sign up and become our valuable member.

For any more information which Is unclear or if you still have questions, write to us on marketing@pefumo.com and we will get back to you in a jiffy.